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Ready to write your story? Allow us to accelerate your journey!

Beyond Story offers research and writing services. We have assisted with the writing of hundreds of articles, policies & procedures, scripts, advertising campaigns and ghostwritten books. Allow us to put our research and writing team to work for you.

Beyond Story Strategies will provide text for brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. Copy or content needed to share or grow your brand business is created in short and long form. Taglines, campaigns and other creative concept strategies, allow us to present copy that converts.

Research and development is part of everything we do. Providing fresh perspectives and insight, our team looks into every project, idea and business assuring that we find your unique position to stand out. Our researchers discover content through strong academic sources to assure that the information is founded and based in fact.

Our ghost-writing service is an authentic process that involves deep engagement on behalf of the author and the writer. There is a high level of intellectual involvement from both parties and as a ghostwriting team, our biggest goal is to channel the clients’ voice. Every client is different to work with in ghostwriting, which is why our process is customized to meet your style.

We offer two styles of ghost writing: “Do It Yourself” Approach, in which you receive an outline and a series of questions to prompt you in writing the book yourself; or a “Do It With You” Approach where we spend scheduled time with you to write the book together. With either approach, we give you the tools to complete your book in the time you determine you want it done.

Steps to engage in the process:

Initial meeting (in person; phone; or video conference): We meet to see if the chemistry works. During this conversation, the ghostwriter from Beyond Story gets clear on what the book is about and the author gets clear on what they expect for the project.

Proposal: The ghostwriter sends a project proposal that is customized for your specific book and process. Once the project and proposal are agreed upon, the work begins.

Book outline: Beyond Story will work with the author for an initial interview, which is recorded and transcribed, to create a book outline. The client then reviews, edits and approves the direction so that the writing can begin.

Interviews: Over an agreed upon time frame, we interview the client, again recording for transcription. This can be daily, weekly or monthly and normally is on average 90 minutes to 2 hours per session for a 6-10 week period of time. These sessions can result in approximately 300-400 pages of transcripts.

Expanded book outline: After the interviews, Beyond Story creates an expanded book outline, depending on the complexity of the book, and works with the client for a final outline.

Book draft: Once the outline is confirmed, the ghostwriter gets busy with what we do best — writing the book! This drafting process can take anywhere from 1 month to a year (depending upon the agreement of the work from the initial engagement and complexity of the topic).

Author revision: The book is handed over to the author client for them to edit and make their own by rewording, adding their stories, and clarifying ideas.

Editing and publishing: After the final draft is complete, the author / client has the manuscript and can choose how they want to do the final editing and publishing. Beyond Story Strategies offers a self-publishing component as a separate fee.