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The Beyond Story team consists of business professionals with over 50 years of collective experience. Specializing in Project Management, Administrative Support and Operations, our team understands how to evaluate your work and evaluates their own work constantly.

Team members have all participated in the unique Beyond Story Story Accelerator training to add to their expertise.

Our Beyond Story Specialists focus on training and development, fundraising, administration, operations, programs and marketing aspects of any venture. You can be sure that the Beyond Story team member assigned to you is well informed and equipped to handle any situation you may have.

How do we know? Well, we’ve taken our own business Beyond Story!


After working in the business arena for over 30 years, Dr. Thyonne Gordon noticed a pattern with leaders and staff.

When fulfilling the mission-based work, organizations thrived, however, when it came to the administration, operations and fundraising to assure the work was done, they struggled.

On top of that, even when organizations were equipped to handle the day-to-day work, it became hectic and out of flow when there was no process affiliated with it.

From these observations and working at every level — from mail room and clerical support to management and executive landscapes — Beyond Story Strategies was created to enliven individuals and teams to do what they were born to do with purpose and process.

Our work goes “beyond the story” of what and how we work. We dive into the “why” behind the work and integrate infrastructure, culture and mission to create a passion filled vision.

Dr. Thyonne is excited to customize a program for you. Sign in on our calendar for a free consultation.

Beyond Story leads businesses, individuals and teams to long term sustainable success through boot camps, trainings and coaching.


Theopia Jackson, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Howard University, Washington DC, and her doctorate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California.

Dr. Jackson has a long history of providing child, adolescent, and family therapy services; specializing in serving populations coping with chronic illness and complex trauma. She is an accomplished scholar-practitioner and educator who provides multicultural/cultural equity workshops, seminars, and/or consultation.

Dr. Jackson is a co-founder for the Therapist-in-Residency Program (TnRP) in Oakland, Ca.; an African-centered program dedicated to supervising Black clinicians-in-training in providing services grounded in Black psychology for persons of African ancestry.

Additionally, she provides training for persons of African ancestry in Emotional Emancipation CirclesSM a community-defined practice that is a collaboration between the Community Healing Network, Inc., and ABPsi.

Invited to participate in national and local California initiatives intended to establish integrative health care that is culturally-affirming and linguistically responsive, she is a life-learner who believes that professional knowledge both shapes and is shaped by community wisdom.

Honoring culturally-centered spiritual healing, creativity, and resilience, Dr. Jackson espouses: “What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help [them] to learn.” ~African proverb


Delphine Pruitt is as a leader in the field of multiculturalism, equity and governance.

She served with U.S Congresswoman Maxine Waters, as part of a humanitarian delegation to Cuba, to improve cultural understanding and business relations. After spending nearly two decades of successfully executing diversity strategies and training for customers generating over $60 billion annually in mortgages with Fannie Mae, Ms. Pruitt embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey to further advance inclusive strategies.

Certified in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®), Ms. Pruitt is ranked among 2% of the population assessed at the highest level of competency for those completing the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) tool and frequently called upon to speak at conferences.

Her thought leadership has advanced racial and economic equity with private, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors across the country.


Gena Yuvette Davis, PsyD, MBA, CCP, BCC is an organizational psychologist and executive coach specializing in corporate behavior and culture change.

As a corporate behavior and transformation expert, Dr. Gena specializes in The Self and uses various methodologies, principles, philosophies, practices, and tools from the applied behavioral and social sciences to support the growth and development of executive leaders and their teams.

Dr. Gena uses proven interventions that take a cognitive, experiential, and aspirational approach to understand one-self’s essence and awareness within organizations.


Dr. Bamishigbin is a racial justice advocate, teacher, researcher, and interdisciplinary scholar.

Her research focuses on issues such as organizations, identity, racialization, intergroup relations, and structural racism. She has consulted for a number of school districts, community-based organizations, and philanthropic institutions.

As a change agent, she is deeply committed to racial justice and helping organizations create more welcoming and inclusive environments. She earned her law degree at University of Miami School of Law and her doctorate in Urban Education at University California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

How We S.T.O.R.Y.

True success in Instructor-Led Training is dependent on quality content, great interaction and world-class delivery. Dr. Thyonne brings these foundational principles to light with her with her proven methodology of the STORY ACCELERATOR™.

The STORY ACCELERATOR™ uses the acronym of STORY to build Structures, Targets, Ownership, Relevant/Relatable Content and YOU! With this 5-part process, we use business and personal stories to drive home principles and increase bottom-line results.

Ready to discover your S.T.O.R.Y? Contact me today!