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Hi, I’m Dr. Thyonne… Your Story Strategist!

I teach ordinary people how to have extraordinary success in business, projects and life using the art of storytelling. Everybody has a story based on life experiences, interactions, personal knowledge, skills and talents. Curating these resources, through my proven S.T.O.R.Y. Accelerator™ we build out Structure, Targets, Ownership, Relevance and YOU for profit-centric outcomes.

If you’re stuck telling the same old story and ready to breakout to live your best life…

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Going Beyond Story Podcast shares stories of people failing forward to succeed greatly.

Just like Napoleon Hill of “Think & Grow Rich” learned from the failures of millionaires of the day, you’ll hear how to overcome obstacles and have great success in your business.

In this podcast business leaders share their stories of failing forward and succeeding greatly. How they power through tremendous challenge to get to winning victories, is how we learn to be better business professionals and leaders.

As a leading Business Profit Strategist with over 25 years in creating sustainable business platforms, I want to help YOU transform your strategy, and generate the money you desire.

Using my signature 5-step STORY ACCELERATOR™ process we will increase your profits, take home revenue AND improve your bottom line.

Whether you have a business, a life goal or work for someone, I’m ready to help right now.

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