Procrastination has resulted in many missed opportunities – including one BIG one.

I never wanted to admit to being a procrastinator and I’m sure you don’t want to either.

You see, I’m the type of person who is active and busy. I am always doing things. Always going places. And, always on the go!

However, I realized even though I got some things done, I still had papers piling up, closets overflowing and projects incomplete.

And it wasn’t just because of a lack of time. I had become a PROCRASTINATOR.

To top it all off, my delaying things started getting in the way of my making money!

In fact, I ended up losing out on one of the BIGGEST opportunities to take one of my projects to a national level, all because of procrastination.

Honestly, about 6 years ago I volunteered at an event and met a woman who was working with a new network. As I shared an idea I had with her, she said she would get me a pitch meeting if I brought it to fruition.

I was excited that she gave it such validity and I promised that I’d get back with her.

Well, that energy got me moving and the momentum had me interviewing my sample participants, taking video and photos of their families and writing their stories.

The project was on African American, married couples, who had been together for more than 10 years focusing on what made their relationship work. The title was “First Family: Dispelling the Myth of the Dying Black Family.”

Everyone I spoke with was all in as I gathered footage. It was so rich. I had them sitting on sofas together and just sharing their “love stories.”

The process, though, had its challenges.

The technical aspect of camera and audio were daunting for me. I also am a perfectionist so I held on to everything when it came to problems.

I’d spent a good amount of time and money in gathering the elements for the project and when I finally had enough footage to put something together — I stalled.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. Friends continually asked about the project and I excitedly would say I was working on it – but I wasn’t.

This year my phone started ringing off the hook and the couples I had interviewed wanted to know if I was the person presenting BLACK LOVE on the OWN network.

As I looked at the show format I realized why they asked. It was the same thing I’d started 6 years earlier and it just so happened that was the network I was supposed to pitch to.

Everyone encouraged me to SUE! The thought actually crossed my mind but instead of getting angry I had to stand up to the TRUTH.

BLACK LOVE was like my show idea… but the only difference was the people producing made it happen, and I PROCRASTINATED.


What happened to the Thyonne who was the first to rise? What happened to the girl who ran to be first at bat? Where did the “early bird catches the worm” attitude go?

Somewhere along the way I lost the drive, energy and momentum to get to the finish.

I had fallen into the PROCRASTINATION PIT.

In my next email I’m going to share with you more about the PROCRASTINATION PIT and the push I needed to get me out of it.

Please stay with me here. I’m going somewhere and you are going to want to take this trip!

What have you been procrastination on in your own life? Send a message and let me know!