This abyss is where you land when you put off for tomorrow what you should do today. It’s where things get sticky and you decide to just leave them.


When things go awry, you often visit the PROCRASTINATION PIT. This PIT lacks creativity, motivation and energy. AND IT DRAINS AND DEADENS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCES!!


When I first moved to California I worked in Advertising and that led me to an account with Warner Bros. Pictures. As the only female and the youngest person in the print shop, the guys always offered advice – often, good advice I might add.


Frank Decker was the Director and encouraged me to PLAN and INVEST. He would say, “Work hard NOW and enjoy your spot at the entertainment retirement home right along side me!”


Obviously, Frank was good intentioned, however to a 20 something year old girl searching for a dream, retirement was not a part of my vocabulary.


Now, years later, I think of how PLANNING back then would have helped me NOW. I reached back to reconnect with my old friend Frank—it had been over 20 years.


When I got him on the phone he was cheery and very happy to hear from me. He had retired and we talked about his life.


He didn’t play tennis anymore because of a knee injury. We laughed over memories of our former co-workers and relished at the idea of getting the gang together again.


I told Frank I was going to come visit him. He was over the moon with the idea and wanted to “set the date now.”


Instead, I promised, I’d call him back and set something up soon. I wasn’t doing anything but I figured I could see Frank anytime.


Life happened and about a year later I sat at my computer and thought of Frank again. After dialing I found the number had been disconnected and I put his name in the Google search engine.


I had spoken with Frank on August 16, 2016 and he died on August 26, 2016.


I PROCRASTINATED a whole year on my promise and missed the opportunity to see my friend.


I wasted 10 days and now I was sad, angry and frustrated.


I was SAD because I lost someone who was important to me. This someone cared about me when I wasn’t necessarily caring about anyone. Frank was a mentor, a guide and a friend.


I was sad because I missed him – by 10 days.


I was ANGRY because I could have seen him. I said he was a priority but I didn’t make him one.


Instead, I PROCRASTINATED putting priority things before priority people. I was angry because I had 10 whole days to do something and I didn’t.


I was FRUSTRATED because all the things I did in that 10 days didn’t mean as much as a moment with Frank would have meant – not just to me, but to him.


I was frustrated because I didn’t get to show an act of kindness back to a person who had been so kind to me.


SAD, ANGRY, & FRUSTRATED because I PROCRASTINATED and missed my opportunity by 10 DAYS!




In those 10 days I searched for answers. I FOUND THE WAY OUT OF THE PROCRASTINATION PIT with some easy tools.


Frank’s death helped me get clear that tomorrow’s not promised and that made me create a tool to stop procrastinating.


While creating my tools, I got a better understanding of why people procrastinate. And, in the next email, I’ll share with you the 3 MAIN REASONS we PROCRASTINATE and how GSD can help!

What important life experience has motivated you to change your procrastination habit? Send me a message and let me know!