Listening And Learning At L.A.C.M.A.

LACMA Concert CrowdIn LA at any time of the year you can find a concert in the park and people jamming to the music. I just love, watching and listening to folks at these venues. It’s fun, fun, fun but it’s also a time to learn just what makes people tick.

At the L.A. County Museum of Art, the summer concert series brings performers of jazz, latin, Cuban, R&B and just about any music genre you can imagine. When the people come out out to hear the performers, you could never tell if the music was meant to be for just one culture because EVERY culture participates.

Recently, at a Latin Jazz series, Louie Cruz Beltran performed and had a culturally diverse crowd not only rocking to the sounds but also dancing and singing. The concert was simple HOTNESS by all regards because the sun was smoldering, the humidity brought out a sizzle and the music was steamy and salacious! And when I watched the crowd and listened to the music I learned that music is a median that can bring people together and share a story of unity.

What’s your story of bringing people together and what do you learn when people come together?