Learning From The Greatest

Max The BoxerGoing to Starbuck’s and people watching is one of my favorite things. Just hearing how detailed, complicated or regular orders are in regards to a cup of coffee can qualify for a comedian routine.

My order is pretty jazzy too. “I’d like a double tall, non-fat, easy vanilla latte, please,” I say when I get to the Barista.  And as if I said, “coffee with cream,” they make my drink in a jiffy.

Well, on this particular day I ordered my drink with ice, as I’d just walked a half a mile in the blistering sun.  Before heading back, I decided to take a break and do some people watching.  Just as I took my seat to sip on the latte, a gentleman and his son approached me asking if I did anything with writing.  I thought it was a strange question until the dad explained that he had a website for writers to submit to.  It was an interesting concept but what impressed me more was his young son, who stood just slightly behind his dad but right at his side.  I said hello to the young man who looked all of 12 years old, and he stepped forward, put his hand out to shake mine and said hello.

I learned that this young man’s name was Max and that he was studying to be a boxer.  I questioned his decision telling him that he was rather handsome to be a boxer and may not want to get hit. But he was steadfast. We began to discuss his name.  Maxamillion was shortened to Max but for boxing he was called “Rockin’ Chair”.

It seems that his dad was a boxer who was once approached by Sugar Ray Leonard and told he would be the next world champion.  At the time, his dad’s boxing name was Rockin’ Chair.  His dad never made it to that World Championship title but Max felt like he had a chance and took on his dad’s boxing name.

Now the kid had two great names.  Maxamillion which meant greatness and Rockin’ Chair which was designed to put the receiver of one of Max’s blows, to sleep (i.e. knock em out).

What a legacy they were creating!

I listened and learned that whether there was a win or loss in the boxing arena, there was a win in this young man’s mentality because he had been gifted the greatest gift of all – a strong name to live up to. Take if from The Greatest, born Cassius  (vain) Marcellus (young warrior) Clay and changed his name to Muhammad (praiseworthy) Ali. Every one of his names lives up to his greatness.

What does your name mean and what have you learned from it?