Growing Family Businesses With Desiree Doubrox

Desiree Doubrox

Desiree Doubrox, Founder & CEO, An Empowered Woman

August is Family Heritage Month and we’ve invited dynamic guests to speak on the business of family! This week on “Going Beyond Story” podcast, Doc TG, talks with’s CEO and Founder, Desiree Doubrox, about running a successful family business.

Doubrox shares her personal story of entrepreneurship since the age of 12, and her inspiration for creating, a global membership based community and resource center for professional women entrepreneurs. Doubrox teaches women to step into their greatness through her Power of 7 methodology taking participants to higher income levels in their businesses.

During the conversation, Dubroux shared tips for budding entrepreneurs and nonprofit managers on what it takes to run a successful business AND how family can be an important part of that messaging:

1.  In families we learn everyone’s role and the same is true for business. Know your expertise and build it into your business as your competitive edge in the marketplace.

2.  Utilize family members, especially children, in your business as a way for them to learn and a way to grow your business. Reward them for their participation so that they understand the value of their work.

3.  Know who your audience is and communicate to them in the way that they hear it clearly. No matter what size room, think of the experience as a one-on-one conversation so that you reach your audience authentically.

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