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Gina Paige, Co-Founder,

Gina Paige, Co-Founder,

In my very first episode,’s Co-Founder, Gina Paige, helped me observe for the month of August, Family Heritage Month. Our lively discussion brought to light the importance of belonging and community.

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How fascinating to not only know what continent and country you are from but, to know, in layman’s terms — the neighborhood and type of folks you were.  Gina found her roots in Nigeria and that the group she belonged to were women entrepreneurs–helping her understand more of why she had a passion for entrepreneurship.

To help us put family in context with our nonprofit businesses, Gina pointed out three ways to use the idea of family in business:

1.  Build and treat your teams like family.  Understand who they are and care about your teams like family.

2.  Use your actual family as a means of balance from work to home.  Mark on your calendar a daily ‘to do’ of spending time with your family at home to keep you from working around the clock.

3.  In the family everyone has a role, make sure your teams at work know their roles.  When one is in a role that doesn’t suit them, it may be time for a shift to something that works.  Just like at home you know who does the dishes and who takes out the trash, know your work team roles for a happy work family.

Talking with Gina was one of the most encouraging moments I’ve had since launching Beyond-Story.  Listen through the link below as she enlivens the conversation, taking us through her family roots all the way to ours.  Share this post with family & friends, join us for our next episode of Going Beyond Story and leave a comment!  I’d love to hear from you!

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